You are now entering the human heart - Callum Royle


You are now entering the human heart, a tribute to Janete Frames book released in 1984 bearing the same title, sits like the lost Fayum Paintings of the 1st - 3rd century. It is an offering of hospitality to the soul of Palermo, a broker for future reflection and a declaration of the city alive!

The book is a result of Callum Royle's residency with 89books in autumn 2021. This is the first publication in the Quaderno Palermo series.

1. Edition 12/2021
Texts by Callum Royle
Book design by Callum Royle
270 pages
15 x 24 cm
Softcover, slipcase 
Digital print

ISBN 978-12-80423-11-5

Category Book