89books Artist Residency

89books Artist-in-Residence is run by the eponymous publishing house and aims at providing support to professionals in the field of contemporary art with a particular focus on photography and bookmaking.

During the two-week residency artists can either fine-tune an older project and turn it into a book or embark on shooting in the city of Palermo with the intention to eventually produce a Quaderno Palermo.

The latest is a collection of impressions about the city and its inhabitants conceived in dialogue with the 89books team. Among other things the residency hopes to examine and possibly rethink the definition of ‘book’ through a process that expands the ways in which photo-books can be made (in terms of their physical structure), looked at and browsed through.

89books  Residency  will typically last 2 weeks and take place during October-December and March-May. Shorter and longer stays can be negotiated on an individual basis. Selected candidates are issued a letter of support for individual grant seeking to cover their travel expenses and per-diems. 

What we provide:
  • Private Room
  • Shared bathroom and kitchen
  • 24h access to the studio
  • Staff support

Please contact 
if you'd like to do a residency with us!