Folio is a special section of 89books that focuses on the production of fast-paced publications, characterized by a unified design and a standard size (21x28cm). Each copy is placed into a printed envelope.

With Folio, 89books intends to satisfy photographers’ need to print Limited Edition publications quickly, without giving up quality and high standards. 

Folio is always open for submissions from artists and photographers who already have a developed project and wish to turn it into a beautiful publication.

  • Midge Wattles, Passages & Oxalis
  • Thierry Clech, Istanbul
  • Keja Ho Kramer, Vast Serene Desolation
  • Tyler Muzzin, Sentinels
  • Claudia Lauria, Abracadabra
  • Valentina Glorioso, Paesaggi
  • Eleonora Orlando, Villa Virginia
  • Ann-Christine Woehrl & Camille Laura Villet,  Patience d'une âme
  • Werner Mansholt, Odd Tales
  • Rod Tuach, Spain
  • Tim Hillier, North of the South