Voyage d’un danseur - Isabelle Bertand


In order to bear witness of her absolute love of classical dancing, Isabelle Bertrand wished to devote a book, born from a fascinating collaboration with Giorgio Fourés, dancer at the Paris Opera.
From Ostend to Paris and from Paris to Vienna, the photographer wishes to associate the reader of the book to a fiction, during a photographic trip where the dancer unfolds in space, like flapping wings that open page after page. It deals with inspiration and expiration, rhythm and pace, alternating as many contrasted places where the fragile and short lived nature of the danced movement confronts brutal or very structured architectures
like the scenic decorations of a fresco in perpetual movement. From this confrontation is born a poetical emotion that lets you see it among a sensitive and spontaneous universe full of surprises under the title of Voyage d’un danseur.
Constantin Chariot

1. Edition 04/2023
Texts by Constantin Chariot
Book design by Isabelle Bertand
144 pages
21 x 28 cm
42 color photographs
59 BW photographs Soft cover
Digital print
ISBN 979-12-80423-40-5

Category Book