The PASSING PHOTOS - Hamid Mosaddegh


The photos presented in this book were taken in the years 2015 and 2016 in the north of Tehran, with exploration in every corner of its neighborhoods. They show the passage of a breeze, the vibration of a brilliant shadow, the strangeness of a splash of color, and the unexpected complicity of things that can attract the attention of an artist. They can be considered as the photography of found objects. Even though the result of juxtaposition and overlapping of light and shadow, color and texture cannot be considered an object, we can still call them found spaces.
These photos are an attempt to reach the hidden and usually invisible expressive power of disposable articles and beautiful accidental shapes, as well as an attempt to show the impressive coexistence of random spots.

1. Edition 3/2023
Texts by Hamid Mosaddegh
Book design by Hamid Mosaddegh
144 pages
14,5 x 21 cm
116 color photographs
Soft cover
Digital print

ISBN 979-12-80423-26-9

Category Book