The Fat Man & The Doll - Keja Ho Kramer


Back in 1996 when analog photography was the norm and technology for printing and making photography books was different I was told that nobody would publish such a "big" or should I say Fat book by an unknown photographer. I archived my negs and continued to make films and more photography. The Fat Man & The Doll remained in the box. Recently I met Mauro D'Agati and saw the vast extent of his work as a photographer and publisher, and his eye as an editor during our first collaboration, Vast Serene Desolation -- after which I wanted to show him this story. A time capsule I don't want to label because it just feels good. Take a look at Paris in the 90's, how much the people have changed and the city. Cities with their icons and architecture reverberating their clichés. We are different now but there is a reminder of the sameness we could have forgotten without images. At the time I was involved in street theater and this project is reminiscent of Flam Chen the pyrotechnic group formed with Nadia Hagen in Tucson in '94 when I lived there. I went about making the photographs like I was shooting a film, except at the time I had never made any of my films yet. The cast of characters are my friends, their friends, and my family. I asked them to come and play with us. The Fat Man is a pretty convincing guy so nobody could refuse!
Keja Ho Kramer

1. Edition 11/2023
Texts by Keja Ho Kramer
160 pages
20 x 30. cm
122 color photographs
Soft cover
Digital print
ISBN 979-12-80423-54-2

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