The City that No One Has Seen - Mauro D'Agati


In the last weeks of the quarantine, I’ve started to go for a walk each time exploring another part of the city, at times walking for hours, at times returning home in 40 minutes. This practice which is close to flâneuringyet different allowed me to deal with distress created by social isolation but also to assess specific changes into the urban landscape. As a result, I have documented 9 walks pinning each photo to the map and indicating the exact time when it has been taken. At the same time, the photos representing the city of Palermo without its people pose a number of questions. Whether it’s still Palermo being emasculated in this brutal way or it’s the people who constitute its flesh and blood? Being stripped down from the daily recklessness has its exquisite architecture purified? How do we inhabit public spaces and animate them with our presence?   

Mauro D'Agati

1. Edition 05/2020
Text by Eleonora Lombardo
Book design by 89books
304 pages
13,5 x 24 cm
137 black and white photographs
Digital print
Softcover + dust jacket uv printed on setalux

ISBN 978-88-944092-7-7

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