TEPHRA - Luigi Mosca


This work is a personal photographic study of the vast volcanic area that surrounds the city of Naples and its province. It is an imaginary journey into a parallelX world, composed of stone, forests and ancient remains. In this undefined land, suspended in time, careful observation of the details of the landscape can reveal fairy-tale and demonic characters, through a pareidolic illusory effect.
A mountain that for many of us is home as well as a volcano. A complex land, full of charm, where ancient rites and traditions are handed down, and where good and evil, light and dark, and black and white coexist in their infinite gradations and form a single work, as in a photograph.
This is a tribute to the places of my childhood and adolescence, and to nature, its strength and its mysteries.
Luigi Mosca

1. Edition 05/2023
Texts by Luigi mosca
Book design by Luigi Mosca
100 pages
21 x 30 cm
53 BW photographs
Soft cover + dust Jacket
Digital print

ISBN 979-12-80423-60-3

Category Book