Simone Pampurini - Terre Basse


Terre Basse is a project started in the second half of 2020 in which I decided to rediscover the landscapes that characterize my everyday life, investigating the present in relation to the themes of memory and forgetfulness and their influence on the imaginative coherence we build during our existence. In this way I pushed myself towards the strip of plain that runs along the river Po, from the border between the province of Pavia and Lodi up to the Delta. On the plain you are overwhelmed by the feeling of indefinite; on sunny days you can see immense expanses identical to themselves. On the contrary, with the fog, the plain hides its forms. This lack of boundaries paradoxically tends to be claustrophobic. The Po breaks the monotony of the plain, it reminds us of the existence of the other. In this environmental context, the sense of abandonment, forgetfulness and loneliness is perceived. Spaces are disputed between man and nature; from an architectural point of view, the signs of modernity are few and do not reconcile with their surroundings. It is a resistance zone. I represented the territory by often reducing it to marginal landscapes, trying to reveal the depth of the relationship between man and environment, between artificial and natural. I deliberately excluded the physical presence of people, trusting in the fact of fixing it in their works.

Simone Pampurini

1. Edition 05/2024
Text by Simone Pampurini
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72 pages
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