Romantic Mistress - Giuseppe Martella


Giuseppe Martella graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in New Art Technologies and graduated from the Italian Institute of Photography. His photographic research was born with the intention of debunking the standard canons of beauty and seeks to meticulously tackle every detail of the ever-changing contemporary psychological sexual sphere.
 The Romantic Mistress project was born out of a particular challenge requested by her former photography master professor. The goal was to follow an unknown person and get involved in her real story. She is Daria, a mistress by profession; with this project she wanted to tell the BDSM world through a new angle: everyday life, debunking the myths surrounding this lifestyle. 
For five years, Daria experienced many occasions, from fetishism, to private clubs, to the emotional and psychological help she offered to her most intimate slaves, or to simple phone calls to ward off those who were only looking for sex.
 She has seen a very solid movement around, a world that is not afraid to be accepted, an exclusive world made up of unwritten but clear rules. Daria, she is not afraid to talk about herself, she is not ashamed to show the world what she does, she is a woman who loves to do her romantic work within her domestic walls, walls that welcome and accept, without too many questions.

1. Edition 10/2023
Texts by Daria Dudziak
Book design by Giuseppe Martella
10 posters in a latex slipcase
34 x 48 cm
Digital print

ISBN 979-12-80423-58-0

Category Book