Queen Bees - Luigi Lista


Queen Bees is a long-term photographic project. For 6 years I have followed the Neapolitan transexual community to demonstrate the infinite variety of the beauty concept. Beauty contests have always been the greatest expression of the cry of existence. Show yourself to the world as a unique human being. For the trans community this concept of identity
is even more exasperated by a society that is not very responsive. I perceived that their response to this deafness is to show themselves, with all their strength, to remind the world that every human being Is unique. Stefania, the organizer of the beauty contest told me one day “ I had to buy the love of my family”. That sentence plunged me into a whirlwind of sensation, I felt helpless and unable to give her all the affection she missed. All these girls are like bees, flying uncoordinated in an uncertain dance, sting and going from flower to flower to find their place in the world.
Luigi Lista

1. Edition 05/2023

Text by Luigi Lista

Book design by Luigi Lista/89books
Pages 72

22,5 x 17 cm

18 color photographs

18 BW photographs

Soft cover + dust jacket

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ISBN 979-12-80423-41-2

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