Pietro Motisi - Lucelutto


In an unforgiving landscape, concrete spreads like a plague, replacing natural forms with the roar of machines. Sicily’s shape is now molded in concrete, reflecting a landscape marred by human impact. The map becomes a mirror, revealing a land obscured by cemented eyes. Landscapes serve as symbolic texts, reflecting the character of its inhabitants. Sicily acts as a palimpsest, constantly rewritten by human intervention until its original form is lost. Photographs offer a glimpse into this transformation, portraying a journey through destruction and human relics. Each photo tells a unique story, collectively inviting reflection on our relationship with the land.

1. Edition of 300 05/2024
Text by Pietro Motisi and Sam Laughlin
Book Design by Pietro Motisi
168 pages
16x21 cm
93 color photographs
Digital print
ISBN 979-12-80423-52-8

Category Book