Pierluigi Ciambra -Tales from Nowhere


Tales from Nowhere is a modern visual fairy tale, an invitation to embark on a powerful journey of knowledge of the artist's inner places who faces the complexities of a difficult period by searching for a magical version of reality. The creative act that leads to photography becomes an outlet, cure and refuge to contrast everyday life, a means of rediscovering oneself, exploring the most hidden emotions and revealing one's point of view on the world. Through a story that recalls the Wunderkammer, the photographer searches for traces of magic in reality, delicately surreal scenes that visually evoke extraordinary landscapes and characters.The camera is the ideal means to capture moments that no one sees, recall magical memories and describe a world of forgotten dreams. Our existence is made up of light feelings, of moments that we hardly see, that pass through our fingers and which could give a more intense meaning to life itself, making it more magical, unexpected and non-trivial.To survive the monotony of the daily gaze one must wander, get lost in the world, search for small space/time interconnections, cracks in everyday life that highlight the days that pass by indifferently. These cracks in the ordinary gaze decontextualize reality and, linked together, form unexpected and wonderful worlds.

1. Edition of 300 06/2024
Texts by Pierluigi Ciambra
Book design by Pierluigi Ciambra
140 pages
68 color photographs
18,5 x 27,5 cm
Digital print

Category Book