Oniricus - Mauro D'Agati


Right from the first image this book takes the viewer to another time, place and eventually to another dimension; “onirico” – dreamlike, delusional. After all isn’t it what circus, as a concept, is built on – a distorted sensation of reality, where rules don’t apply and instead the inner logic of the circus show is at work? Rediscovered in the archive of Mauro D’Agati, over 40 rolls of film contain an immense insight into Sicilian circuses in the 90s. Inside and outside of the tent, during the show and in long hours of fatigue and preparations, people and animals, as well as the circus as such became the main protagonists of the series. The film was intentionally scanned carelessly, bearing the imprint of time, highlighting untidiness and the decadent haze of the antique trade that is now struggling to find its place in the technological world.

1. Edition 03/2019
Texts by Kateryna Filyuk

Book design by Mauro D’Agati
92 pages hand-sewn 
23 x 31 cm
50 black and white photographs
Limited edition of 89, numbered and signed
Digital print