One Hundred Trees - Attilio Solzi


The effects and consequences of climate change have started to become evident, especially in those areas where nature is the main element, in particular mountains and forests, whose exposure and vulnerability to extreme natural events is increasing exponentially. On 29 October 2018, Vaia storm hit the woods of north-eastern Italy, causing the uprooting and felling of over 14 million trees. This event was unprecedented. Today, four years after the storm, the clearing of the woods and the cutting of the trees felled by the wind has not yet finished and will presumably continue for several years. The "ONE HUNDRED TREES" project is made up of 100 photos of 100 trees broken by Vaia and images of men and women (artists, naturists, poets, ecologists, nudist trekkers...) who walk through those valleys naked just like the trees were in front of the storm), a sort of homage, a testimony, but also a search for a more attentive and conscious approach to nature and one's own body.

1. Edition of 89 + 11AP 11/2023
Texts by Attilio Solzi
Book design by Attilio Solzi
116 pages
14 x 29 cm
Soft cover
Digital print

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