Note a margine - Luciano Rossetti


Photographs are “foot-notes”; they are a gaze at music or, better yet, a gaze inside music. It is a work-in-progress, a research “by images” on those aspects of music that audience usually do not see. Notes are a “presence-absence”, they are at the margin yet deeply present; music is present in the breaks during rehearsals, it is in the stage floorboards where an exhausted musician is stretched out it is in the kiss of two young lovers on a beach to the rhythm of a double bass breaks into the waves. During its wandering in Italy and abroad, from a festival to a recording studio, from a beach while a club, the gaze tries to go beyond the stage, beyond the instrument, beyond the outward appearance usually granted by musicians. There is a continuous attempt at investigating the human soul while trying to avoid stereotypes, clichés, the already seen. Therefore images that involve musicians, audiences, those who are just passing through and those who are involved much against their will; all of that artistic universe that revolves around music, that experiences the musical instant of improvisation and then clears away.
Luciano Rossetti

1. Edition 04/2024
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