Nico Adrian Hölzl - Das Schöne


My work only features B&W Polaroid photographs, meaning I truly stick to instant photography. I focus heavily on anything beautiful, whatever that means for the viewer, trying to give no clue in what timespan we are, which means - I don’t want any modern influence in my work. It should be viewed as a glimpse back into the past. Therefore the focus is mostly on still-life, as well as Nature and Landscape photography. Religious motives like churches and cemeteries are also common, as all of the topics have a preserved timeless feel to them, which is attractive to me and my work. Visuell poetry is what I'm trying to aim for. Search for the meaning, even if there is none visible. Enhance your mind and open up to what others have created, this is how you find the answer you're looking for.
Nico Adrian Hölzl

1. Edition 06/2024
Texts by Nico Adrian Hölzl
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44 pages
21 x 28 cm
21 BW pphotographs
Soft cover
Digital print

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