Neglected Palermo Chronicle (Quaderno Palermo II) - Paolo Caravello


No, we are not doing this on purpose to speak ill of our city. We do not belong to any party. This is debris in my beautiful Palermo. I asked a friend Paolo Caravello to make a simple and direct photographic documentation of what we, ordinary citizens, see every day going around the city, between the seafront, hospitals, gardens, the historic center, the suburbs.This series of "files" is not a denunciation of the public administration, though it might seem so given the pre-election period, but a testimony of the state of affairs in 2021-2022.
Shot with the phone of an outraged photographer, but first and foremost a citizen.In Palermo there are infinite and hidden beauties but there is a lot of this degradation. Everywhere. Too much. We have become used to neglecting it, not paying attention.
What is more grave, however, is obviously the moral degradation that lies behind all of this. The lack of civic sense of most of the people of Palermo which is paired with the incapacity and powerlessness of present, past, and future public administrations.

Mauro D’Agati

1. Edition of 89 + 11AP 05/2022
Texts by Mauro D’Agati
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96 pages
22 x 33 cm
XXX color photographs by smartphone
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ISBN 979-12-80423-31-3

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