Monolith - Attilio Solzi


A few years ago Attilio Solzi went to Neskaupstaður, a minuscule and remote village with about a thousand residents in the Norðfjörður fjord, in the east of Iceland. In this remote Icelandic fjord, he discovered that the territory of Neskaupstaður is littered with lava monoliths and chose one in particular as a base for his “living sculptures”. The phantasmatic figures of visitors to the Eistnaflug festival (“flying testicles” is the literal translation from Icelandic) posed for him on the monoliths.

1. Edition 08/2019
Texts by Michele Buonomo
Book design by 89books
224 pages
16,6 x 23,5 cm
106 black-and-white photographs
Limited edition of 89, numbered and signed
Digital print

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