Metropolitan Fragments - Giuseppe Cardoni


The environment is delimited, circumscribed of the subway, with a complete absence of the external landscape that often represents a container of memories. The protagonists are absorbed in their thoughts with their heads bowed or intent on looking with the absent gaze of those who look but do not see, as if they were imprisoned in their inner world. We are almost facing an aquarium in which motionless and / or unconscious fish swim. Loneliness is almost palpable and silence seems to saturate every space of the environment in a metaphysical suspension. People anonymous, unknown, isolated, closed in themselves, unable to communicate, who despite being close to each other almost never interact with each other. The scene is still, extracted from the present and frozen out of time.

1. Edition 3/2023
Texts by Giuseppe Cardoni
Book design by 89books
48 pages
21 x 28 cm
24 BW photographs
Soft cover
Digital print

Category Book