Maurizio Leonardi - Unni va?


Maurizio does not go to a place to take photographs or to explore it, he simply lives there, and he talks about it just as simply by recording his experiences, the looks and the stories of those who have met him on film. He lived for many months in Sicily, aboard his van, “Furgonetta” as he calls it, which is not exactly a camper but a perfect companion for his Sicilian adventures. It is a slightly bizarre but now familiar vehicle in the places where Maurizio has been (and often returned). Just as his smile, his approach and his ability to become everyone’s friend are familiar. I met many people who did something similar, with the guitar, with clubs and juggling balls, but I had never met a busker armed with a camera. Often in Maurizio’s photos the subjects are posing, but they are poses characterized by a strange naturalness, almost a complicity, the result of a magical relationship that makes the boundary between photographer and photographed imperceptible, integrating them perfectly into the environment that surrounds them. In every photo a story.

1. Edition 05/2024
Text by Maurizio Leonardi, Salvo Veneziano Book Design by 89books
60 pages
24x18 cm
33 black and white photographs
Digital print
ISBN 979-12-80423-66-5

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