Matteo Daidone - Yoshino


Yoshino is my wife. We got married in 2020 right after moving together to Italy from Japan, her native country. These pictures were supposed to document her life over the following years. But instead of me telling the story of an expat woman facing new and difficult challenges, she somehow turned this work into an evocative, genuine, and intimate journey into hidden corners of her soul. Her feelings and moods took over. The Yoshino I knew slowly changed, leaving me with more questions than answers but also with a deeper, stronger bond. A slightly troubling thought for me. But it’s fine. Maybe clarity of mind is overrated. Maybe it’s in the darkness that one truly sees, that one truly feels.
Matteo Daidone
1. Edition 04/2024
Text by Matteo Daidone
Book Design by Matteo Daidone, 89books 60 pages
23,5x15,8 cm
29 color photographs
Digital print
ISBN 979-12-80423-64-1

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