Lullaby and last goodbye - Pierluigi Ciambra


Lullaby and last goodbye is an autobiographical photobook that, through the use of archive and original images, deals with the themes of mourning, the reworking of mourning through photographic research and the relationship between fathers and sons. As I look at the photographs taken by my father and revisit the places of my childhood hidden in my memory, I regain awareness of my relationship with my parents, our life and how my childhood was not as glossy and limpid as the one described in them, but full of cracks. When my daughters were born, I turned my focus to my family and understood my father's desire, indeed his need, to preserve the memory of those moments, to make them live forever. So I started photographing them daily, rediscovering with them the magical purity of childhood.

Pierluigi Ciambra

1. Edition 3/2023
Texts by Pierluigi Ciambra
Book design by Pierluigi Ciambra
168 pages
17 x 23,2 cm
89 color photographs, 2 BW photographs
Soft cover
Digital print

ISBN 979-12-80423-37-5

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