KOUFUKURON -Eudaemonics - Taisuke Sato


What was tormenting me? This is the story of my depression-escape, when I arrived at my view of impermanence by taking a step back and quietly reexamining the causes of my difficulty living in Japanese society. Japanese society has a high suicide rate, with many overworked and exhausted people and single-person households. In recent years, laws regarding mental health have finally been established, but many people are still screaming in pain. While some people desire their own happiness and are in the midst of it, others only feel the emptiness of the word “happiness”. Others suffer from painful emotions like loneliness, lack of love, loss, alienation, depression, and jealousy. When people are trapped in endless, barren emotions, their vision becomes narrowed. Without realizing it, they choke on themselves, always lamenting about their unhappiness, pushing people away, and letting the feeling of wanting to die take over their minds. However, the world is a "representation" of what we see, and depending on what perspective and will we have, we can see the world differently. In order to make this possible, I take a social psychological approach to the events I see in my photographs, and find their relationship to society. The idea is to have a social point of view, rather than a first-person perspective. This means recognizing diversity, allowing people to be as they are, and feeling that everything in the world is fragile and beautiful. I believe that this “Acceptance of Impermanence” and a conscious shift in perspective to the Japanese aesthetic of “MONO-NO-AWARE” is the path to human happiness.
Taisuke Sato

1. Edition 4/2023
Texts by Taisuke Sato
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56 pages
31,5 x 22,5 cm
36 color photographs
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ISBN 979-12-80423-34-4

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