Instant diary - Rüdiger Schellong


In 2010 I got my first Instax, fascinated by the Idea of: you frame, you click and you wait without control of what the camera gives you. 10 minutes later you know, and it is unique, physical. I decidet to take 1000 pictures and do something with it, then. In 2020 my friend Mauro D’Agati came to me, grabbed the box with the pictures, and did this edition of pictures for a publication. Here it is......enjoy.

Rüdiger Schellong

1. Edition of 89 + 11AP 05/2021
Texts by Rüdiger Schellong
Book design by 89book / Ihor Kotyay
88 pages
17 x 12 cm
41 color photographs
Digital print

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