Gerhard Jörén - Sex Commune


In a remote French village, a diverse group of British expatriates has formed a pagan sex collective. Led by Tony and Amanda, they reject societal norms, worshiping sex, the vagina, and Lucifer. Their rock band, Rockbitch, spreads their message across Europe, despite controversy. Within the collective, sex is revered as both pleasure and protection against outside threats. Personal histories intertwine, and conflicts are resolved through open communication. Despite facing scrutiny and suspicion, the collective remains a sanctuary for its members, who find liberation and belonging in their unconventional lifestyle.

1. Edition 04/2024
Text by Gerhard Jörén
Book Design by 89books
144 pages
21x27 cm
77 black and white photographs Softcover + dust jacket
Digital print
ISBN 979-12-80423-44-4

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