Fundamental space explorations of naked singularity” is a set of questions that a person asks in the moments of searching for himself and his personality in the universe. Naked singularity is a singularity that is not surrounded by an event horizon. In philosophy, singularity is identical with the uniqueness and uniqueness of the phenomenon, and in fact the personality. The man is unique, there is no same ones. At the scale of the universe, we are alone and trying to find ourselves anywhere and at any cost, often being aliens on our own planet. The event horizon, in turn, is a place in space-time that has no time course in the perception of the observer. In his search, the person is in the event horizon – until the other person comes in contact with him, it is impossible to see the scale of his internal search.Through analogy with cosmic motives and fake documentation, we show what is happening beyond the event horizon in which each of us is located.

Sergey Melnitchenko

1. Edition of 89 + 11 AP  05/2021
Texts by Sergey Melnitchenko
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