FOLIO/Vast Serene Desolation - Keja Ho Kramer


Making mandalas from my photographs showed me how to fit pieces together and connect through mathematics and observation seemingly unconnected botanical images. More and more I find myself looking at the images made in the beginning of photography, the XIX century to remember the evolution of the world we are living in. Piecing together clues from seemingly various and unconnected points of view that make up our humanity (or lack of it). From then to now there are so many images that exist it seems inconceivable to live without them. And yet, motivated by research, geology and astronomy, there’s an invisible thread that weaves together the seemingly unconnected, filling in the spaces and whispering in the silence a sense of connectivity and continuity with the past in a traditional form of photography and the planet. A lot of the photographs shown here were taken over a long period of time, and I continue to observe. The plants follow a structure that is mathematically palpable and logical for its survival. they are an elegant choreography based on geometry and rhythm.

Keja Ho Kramer

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40 pages
21 x 28 cm
25 Black and White photographs
Stapled brochure in a printed envelope
Digital print

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