FOLIO/Patience D’Une Âme - Ann-Christine Woehrl&Camille Laura Villet


The photographer Ann-Christine Woehrl and the author Camille Laura Villet had just reread Romeo and Juliet. The theme resonated with them on a different level. They had an intuition: it was not the tragic story of two lovers. It was the story of desire itself. In order to make it sure, they felt compelled to visit Verona. Disappointingly discovering a city fallen prey to excessive commercialism on the theme gave birth to Patience d’une Âme. The project is about the inner process of the soul of both protagonists Romeo and Juliet in Shakespeare’s drama, creating an associative dialogue between images and words, photography and literature, a “tableau”, which refers to painting as well as to drama.

1. Edition 12/2018
Texts by Camille Laura Villet

Book design by 89books
44 pages
21 x 28 cm
32 color photographs
Stapled brochure in a printed envelope