FOLIO/Istanbul - Thierry Clech


From the Black Sea, in foggy weather, we navigate along the Bosphorus towards the Golden Horn. From one side of the strait to the other, white marble palaces appear as if emerging from a dream. Further, looking up, sliding in the fog at heights of Herculean challenges, we can guess the deck of a suspension bridge announcing the old Constantinople, its first architectural forms soon outlined against the light, on the occasion of a timid sun ray. Thus the minarets of the mosques of Eminönü or Saltanahmet rise up as dark points under the clouds, and on its small island, off the Asian shore and the district of Üsküdar, the Tower of Leander, former lighthouse at the entrance of the city, spreads out on the sides of its seven hills, as far as the Sea of Marmara.
Thierry Clech

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40 pages
21 x 28 cm
25 black and
White photographs
Stapled brochure in a printed envelope
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