Everything Lay Still - Fábio Miguel Roque


Photography has always been a controversial medium as a form of expression, with probably too much controversy throughout his history, especially regarding his role as an art form, however, something that no one can deny is the fact that photography always lives in the past, from the moment we press the button on our camera, that same image is part of the past, and that is immutable.
Interestingly, this particularity has always been one of the things that interested me the most in photography, also and above all, given the particularities of my artistic projects. These have always been too personal, a constant struggle to understand me, and to understand the world around me. Looking through the past for issues, habits, mistakes, virtues and projecting them into the present and future turned out to be very natural to me, even before I took my first image. By realizing and recognizing the power of photography could have in my self-analysis process, it became clear to me that it would be the perfect tool for my work, and therefore the best form of expression for me.
In Everything Lay Still that does not change, there is still a constant tension between me, the world and the consequences of my actions, all while I try to deal as well as possible with the universe around me, but also and especially with my own mind.
Inevitably, I was forced to slow down; somehow my way of looking at life until then has been taken from me. I felt, and still feel (but especially looking back) that the world has been in an indefinite pause, in constant limbo. All my immediate plans have been canceled, all my dreams have gone further, almost as if they were delusional utopia.

Fábio Miguel Roque

1. Edition 02/2021
Text by Fábio Miguel Roque
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112 pages
21x30 cm
78 BW photographs
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ISBN 979-12-80423-02-3

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