Ciucciuí - Priscilla Pallante


This work was born out of the need to reconstruct a fragmented memory, in order to create a new one where it doesn’t exist, to fill a visual and acoustic gap through an improvised use of scientific research instruments and new technologies. Ciucciuí is a multi-sensorial investigation that doesn’t aim at a specific instance - apart from the awareness that it’s not important to find what you’re looking for - rather the action of looking itself; one that never stops and continuously changes, together with us and our memory. Lying between reality and fiction, it aims to underline how much a non written tale can be influenced by multiple voices and how much our imagination and memory can affect the shape of reality.

1. Edition 11/2021
Texts by Priscilla Pallante
Book design by Priscilla Pallante
128 pages
15 x 24 cm
Digital print

ISBN 979-12-80423-07-8

Category Book