Black Swamp - Special Edition - Mauro D’Agati


With an appetite infused with lust and paired with professional desire to explore and expose Mauro D'Agati went to work, bringing light into the Black Swamp. Over the course of more than 5 years Mauro submerged into the swamp and found a labyrinth built on human desires, deep dark and hidden idols of worship, fetishes of all sorts, some known, some already incorporated by fifty shades of popular culture and some still hidden from the eyes of the judging guards of society. In his unique style, Mauro D'Agati explores and captures the bizarre and grotesque of the human being and his deeds and desires. Southeast Asia's liberating BDSM and Fetish scene is a feast for his lense, and so it was him who finally brought light into the black swamp.
Michael Messner (Curator and collector, Patpong Museum, Bangkok)

Special Edition of 89 + 3AP

Text by Michael Messner
Book design by Mauro D'Agati
270 pages
35 x 50 cm
Softcover UV print on Setalux paper
Japanese binding
Housed in a wooden box finished with eco-leather
Lid of the box a UV print on plexiglass (1cm)
Presented in a UV printed black bag
+ 20 x 30 cm booklet 112 pages

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