Portfolio review by Boris Mikhailov in Palermo

As part of his residency with 89books in Palermo Boris Mikhailov will conduct a portfolio review that will offer a unique opportunity to show your works and receive qualified feedback from the acclaimed photography artist. Ukraine-born Mikhailov is one of the most famous living photographers, who meticulously and ruthlessly dissected the Soviet and post-Soviet everyday reality in a series of projects such as Unfinished Dissertation and Case History. In the course of the portfolio review, he will review and comment on the works of the participating photographers as well as give an account of the evolving photographic techniques he used in so many ways in his efforts to try to explain, document and understand the world around him.

Portfolio review will take place on January 16th from 16.00 to 19.00.

Fee – €40.

Early bird registration fee is €30 and is available until January 10th.

To register for the portfolio review, please send an email at kateryna@89books.com

Maximum amount of participants – 15 people.

Boris Mikhailov for unianjpg