Photographer Callum Royle in residence at 89books

From November 2nd till November 12th 89books is happy to host our new resident Callum Royle.
During the residency Callum will be working on a new book about Palermo.

Artist Statement

Nights like these, I think about how sharp and sure I felt when I was wading through the snow in minus 15 degrees, my ankles rolling over rocks that covered uneven train tracks, passing unkempt market goods and sparking live wires.

See, I come from Melbourne, one of “the most liveable cities” on earth, lightyears away from the scenario I am describing. However, it is here, etching the words on my very own tombstone, where the strangling grip of uncertainty fills my lungs the deepest.

Storytelling is the role I can play in the inevitable victory over the forces of all things wicked.

Callum Royle

YANNETHH - CR draggedjpeg