89books is an independent publishing house based in Palermo, Sicily.
Established in 2018 by photographer Mauro D’Agati, it specialises in photo-books and artist books. 89books is committed to the discovery and experimental publication of limited edition photo-books of different forms and contents.  Each book will be presented in a first edition of 89 copies, except for artist books that could be produced as a collector’s piece.  By putting together the expertise of the team and its network of collaborators, which feature local printers, binders and artisans, 89books aims to assist and promote the production of artists who use photography as their main medium and strive to compile a unique publication.


– Mauro D’Agati  began his career as a freelance photographer in 1995. D’Agati’s concern towards an effective narration of contemporary social issues has led him to channel his visual work into the creation of photo books, his primary medium.

Art Director – Emanuele Lo Cascio is an Italian-born contemporary artist. He works with a variety  of media, including photographs, sculpture, video and performance. His work relates to social and political topics in the world. He lives and works between Palermo and Chicago.

General Coordinator – Kateryna Filyuk is a Ukranian curator and art critic. Currently she is a Chief Curator at IZOLYATSIA (Kyiv). Lives and works in Kyiv and Palermo.

Projects Coordinator – Paola Nicita is a curator and art historian. She writes for the cultural section of Repubblica and teaches Communication and development of museum collections at the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo.