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89books is happy to announce its second Artist Residency in Palermo!


89Books is thrilled to announce its next resident, an incredibly inspirational artist: from January 11th to January 25th, 2019, Boris Mikhailov will be exploring Palermo and preparing his next publication with us. 

A brand new edition of D'AGATI VUCCIRIA will soon be available for pre-order. Stay tuned!

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89books is happy to announce its first Artist Residency in Palermo!


Midge Wattles (b. 1990) is an American artist based in New York. Inspired by her interests in art history and the origins of images, she uses photography as a tool to trace a historical or personal lineage throughout each of her series. Her recent work explores the elements of light, time, and surface as both the material and subject of her images.
The residency will start on October 23rd, stay tuned!